Bella Hadid’s Dad, Mohamed Hadid, Is Getting A Bad Reputation on Google!

Mohamed Hadid ORM Issue


Mohamed Anwar Hadid  is world renowned for a couple of things, yes you know him as Bella Hadid’s dad, but before that he competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics in speed skiing. He has also had a illustrious career as builder of  luxury hotels and mansions, predominately in Be Air, California. He has taken on real estate giants like Donald Trump and built an incredible portfolio.  Over the years he built California dream mansions and hotel landmarks such as Le Belvedere and the Crescent Palace.

In December 2015, the city council of Los Angeles voted to pursue Hadid for criminal charges related to zoning law infractions. In May 2017, according to E! News, Hadid’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, entered the plea of no contest for three charges of failing to conform to code, and failing to comply with an order issued by the Department of Building and Safety. In true Hollywood style, the news was leaked an circulated on the web and is now hurting Mohamed Haddid’s reputation as can be seen in the current Google screen shot:

mohamed hadid online reputation problems
Google search results showing Mohamed Hadid digital reputation problems

Digital reputation is becoming an emerging field. There is a sense of how digital reputation has become more important that offline reputation, as it lives on forever and affects business associates and family members. The order in which Google attributes information can overshadow a person’s accomplishments, success and ultimately their brand as perceived by the public. This is because Google is algorithm based and as seen as impartial and unpurchasable and thus void of influence. Additionally, there have been many judgements made that have made it explicitly clear that Google is not liable for any damages caused  by vanity searches under several circumstances, including for the advertising sold under privacy laws. This is often a very frustrating situation.

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What is ORM?

ORM stands for Online Reputation Management. It involves everything from social listening to conversation intervention and even search result suppression. Google search results are often subjects get perpetuated and validated. Withing the ORM space there are a lot of tools and socila media applications, but our boutique firm specifically concentrates it’s practice in search engine result pages (Called SERP in the Industry).

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