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ORM is important. Nearly 9 out of 10 people look you or your firm up on Google.

 If you, or your business is suffering from reputation issues, there is a solution. 

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What Do We Do?

The online reputation management services we provide include:

  • ORM Monitoring – we’ll identify any comments or materials that could pose a problem later on
  • Suppression of Negative Stories and Slander – any posts or outlets that are hurting your reputation will be considered for suppression
  • Reputation Repair – we can craft a customized plan to help rebuild and restore your ORM
  • Litigation Support – as necessary to help you take down slanderous materials
  • Ranking Adjustment – we can help positive stories rank higher in searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo results

We provide ORM services for a wide array of professions and businesses, including:

  • Politicians
  • Medical Professionals
  • CEOs
  • Working Professionals

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    Why Manage your Reputation?

    These days, managing your online reputation is as crucial as anything else. Considering that up to 90 percent of people look up either you or your business online, any negativity can hurt you both personally and professionally.

    At Internet Reputation Services, we take online reputation management (ORM) seriously. We understand the gravity of the situation, which is why we are committed to helping our clients.

    Please read our post on how Google Can Determine Online Reputation.

    Online Reputation Monitoring

    Online reputation management starts with monitoring. To tackle online reputation problems, you must first uncover the negative information that is hurting your brand. There are several reputation management software available for reputation managers, typically they automate the search for negative items. The problem is that these software are hard to program for the specifics of your case, they cannot interpret with every nuance what might constitute a negative item. They also do not provide any answers to on how to fix or repair negative online reputation. Read more about our reputation monitoring services.

    What is Online Reputation Management

    Online reputation management is the process of monitoring, discovering and reacting to information on the web that can hurt your brand image. Broadly speaking, this is a online marketing field which is concerned with both reactive and proactive efforts to influence consumer perception of a brand in the digital realm.

    Why is Online Reputation Management So Crucial?

    Because so much information resides online, it’s never been easier for users to discover new details about individuals or businesses. Whether it’s a new acquaintance, a prospective client (or employer), or just someone trying to find out about you, your online reputation matters.

    If negative stories and defamatory materials come up in search results, users will make snap judgments, even without meeting you in person. In many cases, your online reputation matters more than how you present yourself in real life.

    Here are a few other reasons why ORM with Internet Reputation Services is so vital.

    • Take Control of Your Reputation – if you’re not monitoring and removing slanderous information, then who will? Online reputation management is about assuming responsibility for how others perceive you. Don’t let someone else have control over what others see and feel about you.
    • Build Transparency and Authenticity – consumers today are much savvier than in years past, so you have to be upfront about business practices and values. With the right ORM in place, you can cultivate positive interactions with customers without seeming fake in the process.
    • Create Trust – whether you’re an individual or a business, your online reputation can make or break your relationships. By removing slanderous or harmful details, you give users the ability to make decisions based on conduct, not hearsay or third-party comments.

    We Were Rated the Best ORM Agency of the year!

    That’s right! We were named Best ORM Agency of 2021 By Reputation Dot Management! It’s an incredible honor to get this prestigious among the top online reputation management companies in the world.

    Reputation Marketing

    Considering that damaging criticism can show up in search engine results, damage revenue and become very costly to repair, it is certainly worthwhile to take action so to minimize such criticism. In fact, shedding light on the best content about you or your firm is a way to capitalize on how little amount of information people will actually consider during research these days. This has often called reputation marketing. We wrote an article recently about how an ORM company can allow you to Control the narrative of your business; This includes having several of your own professional websites, full of high-quality content and reviews, and an active presence on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. When a business’ website and social media sites are professionally built and updated, it becomes less possible for negative reviews to not only come in undetected, but outrank all the positive information and reviews. With proper effort and attention, your business can build a veritable shield of positive information and reviews that help to protect your online reputation so thoroughly that even the most ill-intentioned reviews cannot easily penetrate it.

    This positive content now has to be found right at the top of search engines. This is where our ORM company comes in.

    The Need for Brand Transparency

    Long are the days when your company’s carefully concocted press releases and media exposures in traditional advertising made up your reputation. Word-of-mouth has traversed to digital chatter, and now anyone and everyone has the ability to damage your reputation in a matter of minutes. Your current and future clients and customers aren’t going to take your word for it anymore when they see that perfectly polished television ad. They desire brand transparency, and to truly decide whether they can trust doing business with your company, they’re going to do their research.

    Our ORM experts understand that the more transparent you are about your business culture and practices, the more open you are to criticism. However, the only way to gain customer control is to be transparent. Sounds like a double-edged sword, doesn’t it? Thankfully our ORM experts are trained to protect your brand and reputation from any criticism that may come your way.

    Reviews Weigh Heavily on Customer Trust

    Google’s first page has quickly replaced business cards. This is especially critical if you are an e-retailer with mainly the digital sphere to defend your reputation. A 2017 study by BrightLocal found that 97% of consumers who had the intention to purchase from a local company searched online reviews before making their decision. In the end, customer trust forms the basis of how well your company generates profit. This is apparent as the aforementioned study dictates that 85% of consumers trust online reviews the same way they trust recommendations given by friends and family. If your company has bad reviews that range between zero to three stars, chances are your business is having difficulty growing let alone breaking even.

    Regaining Control of Your Reputation

    In this age and day, seeking an expert online reputation management company is the only method to control your digital reputation. At, we allow our clients to regain reputation control from the large basket of influencers that consist of CEOs, company employees, commenters and critics, current and potential clients, and shareholders and potentials associates and investors.

    Define Your Current Brand Perception

    What is your current brand perception? Whether you’re an individual or a company with the case of an unwanted press release that won’t budge from Google’s first page, it is imperative that you understand how your customers view you. With this knowledge, our reverse SEO experts can leverage the good perceptions over the negative reviews.

    Let’s take the example of a restaurant owner. If the food that you serve in your local diner is hands-down the best in town but you’re lacking in terms of service, we will leverage the positive reviews concerning your savory burgers and mouth-watering fries over the complaints about customer service.

    How to Measure Your Online Reputation

    Here are 5 bulletproof methods you can use to measure your online reputation. Through social media monitoring and analytic tactics, you can easily determine just how much TLC your reputation needs.

    • Set defined objectives that will help lead your search. Recognize what people think about your brand by analyzing all corners of your business. For instance, if you’re a restaurant owner you should find out what customers think about your customer service, the look and atmosphere of your stores, the taste of your burgers, the price of your offerings, and how your food items compare to the competition.
    • Discern the past ranking performance of both you and your competition. Use this information to set company and industry benchmarks. Our favorite tool for keyword and ranking analyses is AHREFS. Other tools at your disposal include SEMRush, Talkwalker, Moz Rank Tracker and Search Analytics Reports found in Google Console.
    • Continuously monitor the climate of your online brand. Dedicate a couple hours every week for an in-depth social media and SERP analysis of your branded keywords. We also recommend using a real-time monitoring system, such as Google Alerts, Hootsuite and Mention. The faster you catch a bad result in its tracks, the easier it is for ORM agencies to suppress it.
    • Collect the changes in your customers’ sentiments concerning your brand and that of your competition in one dashboard space. What new themes and influencers do you recognize? Use this data to compare the shifts in brand perception to the benchmarks that you’ve set in step #2.
    • Analyze your data and present recommendations that may involve changes to branding, marketing communications, product development and operational strategies to the respective department.

    Monitoring Owned Social Media Channels

    When monitoring the social platforms that you own, it is imperative to include qualitative data in your research. Sure, you may have an average of 20 comments per Facebook post but it can be disquieting if 15 of those comments dictate negative sentiments about your brand. Understanding the underlying issues that your customers bring up on your platforms gives you insight in how to make changes to your corporate structure. You have an invaluable resource that can directly voice customers’ opinions and concerns about your brand without taking it to a focus group—take advantage of these platforms!

    Your reputation doesn’t solely consist of what your followers think of you. Work to amplify your content by engaging potential customers that could easily take a liking to your brand with the proper engaging tactics.

    Monitoring Earned Social Media Channels

    As explained in step #3, keeping track of the branded mentions you receive will allow you to cast a larger net for understanding customer perceptions. Here are the details that you should look out for:

    -Track mentions concerning brand and product names, hashtags, industry-wide keywords that you’d like to rank high on, the social responsibility elements related to your business and any other aspects that are important to your work.

    -Who are the influencers and detractors that are impacting your company? Understand the psychographics that govern your customers as this is the audience that can change your reputation faster than an ordinary consumer.

    -Find out what your competitors are doing by administering the same social media monitoring tactics you use for yourself onto them. What kind of reputation are your greatest competitors making for themselves? What type of engagement do they receive? What are their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your own?

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