Comparing ORM Services

ORM Services Comparison

There are very few companies that provide quality ORM services. In the frenzy and rush to combat negative press or online content, people often pick a company in haste. Our advice is to be careful in deciding who you will work with. In our own experience, we found far more companies dealing in the business of hope when it comes to ORM rather than actually dealing with the cleanup and suppression of negative content.

Do your due diligence, first thing you need to do is research. Google the companies, look for complaints on sites like pissed-consumer, ripoff report and scambook. See if these so called reputation companies are listed there. You will often find these same companies listed as top 10 best providers. How is that? you might wonder. Well, it is easy, many of the top ten publishers are getting paid by these same companies to showcase them on these best of the year sites. In other words, these companies are paying marketing fees in order to cover up for the fact that they have a bad reputation. You are better off looking at a list of non-paid list, REPUTATION.MANAGEMENT publishes a list of the best reputation management companies in our industry every year. Have a look and call companies from that list.

There is a saying in the reputation management business. The consultant working on your reputation better have a great reputation themselves! To help with your research we have compiled some of the companies that seem to have the most repeated negative reviews:

(Reputation Defender)
Reputation Management Consultants


Compare ORM Services

Online reputation management can help to analyze, establish, protect and restore a business’ brand images through a variety of services, including:

Search Engine Optimization and management. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is critical to a business’ online success as it can help them to be more visible to potential clients or customers. With SEO, a business can work to get positive information about their services and products pushed to the forefront of internet searches and negative information and reviews about their services and products relegated farther back in searches.

Content development. Search engines routinely act more favorably toward those websites that constantly post unique, well-written and high-quality content. Online reputation management companies can help to improve existing content and create new content that not only increases SEO but draws more potential clients or customers in.

Managing social media. Social media can be either highly helpful or highly damaging to a business’ online reputation. With online reputation management services, one can ensure their business’ social media sites are clean, business-appropriate and highly beneficial.

Monitoring third-party websites. Third-party websites that post reviews about a business have the potential to be highly damaging, especially when they permit the public posting of negative reviews that have not been verified. One disgruntled customer could take the time to create a blog or even a website that is focused on discrediting a company. With online reputation management, such third-party websites can be detected and addressed so they have minimal impact on the company’s overall reputation.

Partaking of online reputation management services can help to ensure a company protects and spreads their good reputation, and rapidly addresses those things that seek to damage it.