Our Online Reputation Management Process

While all our project campaigns are customized solutions, we do have a very professional and simple process when dealing with our clients. These steps are embedded into our process and is what has made us the most reliable agency supporting client’s reputation management objectives.


The following is the 5 major steps involved in our process.


Online Reputation Management Process Used At Our ORM Agency
Our ORM Process

1. Initial Call with your Project Manager: Otherwise known as the brief!

Meet your Project Manager and the team dedicated to your project
Begin discussions around your customized strategy
Establish campaign goals and expectations… not always realistic here is where we inform the client!

2. The research

Analyze SERPs
Assessment of possible future attacks, slandering comments or material, compromising images, Audit of hurtful press
Identify all negative assets including reviews and complaints
Identify possible counter parties and motives

3.Content Roadmap

Analyze website SEO
Identify current list of positive assets
Identify potential Microsite opportunities
Identify potential UGC platform that fits the client needs
Estimate the need for content

4. SEO Execution

Develop custom link building campaign strategy
Develop content schedule and deployment

5. Crowdsourcing

To move elements in SERP we need an outreach program.
Solicit engagement and quality assurance.
Transact with 3rd parties without leaving a digital footprint.

Finally, we believe in reporting and transparency. We always solicit feedback on various campaigns. We usually have preset weekly or monthly reports on campaign progress with clients.

All these steps seem very straight forward, but experience emerges in the grey areas, the devil is in the details. It’s these details that bring about the transformation required by SEO professionals to become ORM experts. An internal SEO person does not have the experience to fulfill the role of an ORM agency.

The challenge in online reputation management often comes from the interaction between the ORM Agency and the client. Most clients are not ready or right mind-frame to get to a point where they have developed an online personae that can occupy a space in the cyber-world. Digital reputation management definitely requires commitment. Negative reviews and information does not simply evaporate by osmosis, to occupy a space you need to fill it with something. That something needs to be interesting, multidimensional