Our Reputation Management Team

Leading the company is a husband and wife team. Herman Tumurcuoglu has been in the search engine business for over 20 years, his wife Julie-Anne Kelechian is a social media expert and link building expert. They have teamed up with an incredible team of social media experts and content developers who work on client reputation problems on a case by case basis. The entire team is involved in each case, we do not use a cookies cutter approach.

Our ORM Experts

The team of reverse SEO Experts include Quincy Ross, Alexandra Panichella and Katherine Majerick. They work in teams to achieve our clients ORM goals.

Head of Content

Thurshan Pararajasingham is our in house content development management. He coordinates all the content acquisition and deployment for our agency.

Our Company

Internet Reputation Management Services, is an boutique agency specializing in solving reputation problems often encountered by people via search engines. We are specialists in reputation problems involving google.  Our unique and custom approach to crafting Internet reputation solutions will ensure that you or your company secures a credible status in the online world.

We Provide Professional Internet Reputation Services

Our company strives to provide professional Internet reputation services that will not only save your Internet reputation but will provide you with peace of mind. Our culture of professionalism emanates from the management team. In fact, our founder has been in the Internet marketing field for two decades. We have a simple process that integrates the client at every step.

Why Use Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the most effective way to combat negative comments over the web. Google’s search results need to place your branding in the best light, and be free of any content that could potentially hurt sales and create a negative first impression for prospective clients.
Control: online reputation management allows you to control what you want others to see and prioritize the best content, while minimizing the ones that defocus readers from what’s important about you, your solution and your ability to help people.
Competition: online reputation management gives you a distinct competitive advantage in relation to your competition in your industry due to better search reputation engine management, an advanced technique of using SEO to your advantage to disrupt negative PR and lower images, reviews and comments that are not perfectly aligned with your value proposition. Therefore, in comparison to your competitors, your brand is free from controversy creating more customer engagement.
Word of Mouth: better online reputation management means a more positive brand image thereby facilitating the acquisition of customers via word of mouth and digital word of mouth, positive reviews, customer feedback and more.  This over time results in more web and foot traffic leading to more sales and a lower cost of acquisition per a customer.
Superior Branding: good online reputation management, is superior branding and allows you to get the most ROI from the branding, PR and marketing dollars you have invested into your brand. ORM is thus, an advanced field of search engine optimization (SEO), that allows your brand to truly shine.
Deciding to go with a professional boutique or agency that specializes in online reputation management is investing in a better relationship with Google. With reverse SEO techniques, these professionals are best equipped to monitor, correct and optimize your search reputation engine management all across the life cycle of your brand and business.


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