5 Ways Video Can Enhance Your Online Reputation

When a potential customer or client searches for specific services or products, they are often presented with mixed results–blog posts, articles, images, news and video. While catchy blog posts, articles and press releases may catch some readers’ eyes, videos are quickly becoming the best way to capture and engage the attention of many members of the public. This means that it can be used to enhance your online reputation.

How Video Can Enhance Your Online Reputation

Just as with any other content you put out to represent your business, services and products, videos cannot simply be “thrown together”. In fact, roughly sixty-two percent of viewers develop negative perceptions of brands that produce poor-quality videos. So how can one use video to enhance their online reputation? Try the following:

1. Create a video that explains your brand. Even after an individual has become a customer or client, chances are that they may not fully understand your brand. A simple, professional video that explains your brand can draw more people to your site and your business.
2. Create an educational how-to video. Any educational, how-to information is extremely popular among current and prospective customers and clients, as it demonstrates that you are willing to solve problems and provide answers, which can build interest and trust.
3. Ensure your video has high-quality content. What this actually means is that your video communicates more in less time. A simple and useful thirty-second video that provides valuable information to viewers can be far more beneficial than a ten-minute video that drags on.
4. Ensure your video itself is high-quality. Consider renting or purchasing professional filming equipment if your business does not already own it, or hire videographers to come in and film the video. A high-quality video speaks volumes to viewers.
5. Distribute your video effectively. Of course you should put your video on your website or blog, and it should be uploaded directly to all social networks and shared with all followers. It should also be emailed to all subscribers with the word “video” in the content line to increase interest.

Once you have created and distributed your video, watch carefully to see how it affects your business. This way you can create more videos that generate the desired results, and eliminate any elements that are unhelpful.