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Improve Your Online Reputation with Social Media and Content

Building a brand takes time and money, and in today’s connected world, the credibility you’ve worked so hard to establish can be ruined with a few keystrokes. Information about your business can quickly go viral, which is incredible if it’s the right kind of information. Like it or not, what people say about your business online will make or break its success. Fortunately, you can boost your online reputation by using social media and content. Below, I will outline several steps you need to take to improve your web presence.

Be Social

Marketers in the past recognized the value of networking. Attending networking meetings and power lunches hasn’t precisely vanished. Still, if you’re not networking online, you’re unlikely to get the kind of positive attention you need to interact with your customer base. You can control your social media profile and use it to boost your digital image in several ways.

Take Control

It’s a good idea to assert the company’s social media accounts and keep an eye on them. Having someone use a social media site to hijack your brand can be highly damaging to your online credibility. To ensure that your brand identity is not being stolen, search for your company name on each primary social media site.

Choose Your Platforms

Choose the sites where you can spend the most time once you have control of your social media accounts. Depending on the business and target audience, some pages would be more valuable than others. Even though Facebook has 2.38 billion monthly active users, it isn’t the only platform you should be using. Make sure your company has a presence on Twitter (369 million monthly active users), LinkedIn (over 500 million users), Pinterest (250 million active users), Instagram (500 million people use Instagram every day), and YouTube. Each of your social media accounts should be linked together to maintain your company’s credibility.

Stay Active

If you want to keep your digital credibility in good shape, you should post regularly, comment when necessary, and respond to other people’s comments. You demonstrate your respect for consumer sentiment by responding rapidly and respectfully to comments and requests that appear on social media sites. A comment should not be removed simply because it is negative. If done correctly, responding positively to feedback and sharing your action plan for change will boost your digital credibility. When something terrible happens, saying thank you and offering a sincere apology is just as crucial in the digital world as it is in person.

Powerful Content

Another way to boost your digital image is to use web content strategically. The more content you post, the more likely those looking for your business would find the information you want them to see, rather than reputation-damaging material such as negative reviews. This isn’t to suggest that you can post whatever you want. You will develop yourself as a thought leader in your industry if you regularly publish insightful, professional, and, most importantly, relevant information. Simply put, by having the right content out there, you can maintain an excellent digital image while still being the go-to company for customers with questions. A comprehensive digital content plan would regularly include processes for distributing blog posts, news releases, videos, and infographics.

Getting Noticed

If you follow the golden rule of content marketing, your blog can attract interest. Keep it up to date. Regularly posting to a company blog will provide a constant stream of content about the brand that will be shared with the public in a forum that draws more interest than a website. A blog is a perfect way to develop your company’s image because it represents your company’s thoughts and ideas while still letting the rest of the world know what you have to give. A blog can also be used to improve your search engine rankings so that your business is associated with consumer-friendly buzzwords.

Don’t Forget

If you could post content and move on, blogging would be a lot easier. You must, however, follow up if you want to boost your digital credibility. Consumers can participate in intelligent dialogue in blog comment sections, but they can also become filled with negativity if they are not carefully monitored. Because of the digital world’s anonymity, some people react to even minor frustration in a very public way. Your company would be more vulnerable to negative reviews as your blog becomes more developed and flourishing. Negative blog comments, like negative social media comments, can serve as an opportunity to react in a way that will reflect positively on your business.

Posting Diversity

Having content published outside of your site, mainly as you develop your digital credibility, is beneficial. Once you’ve gained trust, start submitting content and guest posts to larger, more reputable outlets and trade publications. The greater your scope, the more people will read and share your content, which will only boost your online credibility. Since videos rank well on Google, including them in your posting strategy will improve your online credibility.

Quality Content

It’s not enough to have well-written material. It will do nothing to boost your online credibility if it does not appeal to the audience you are trying to attract. Content should be both exclusive and educational. Since today’s customers have short attention spans, content must quickly catch a reader’s attention, include attention-grabbing resources like graphics and video, and include up-to-date details. When you understand your target audience’s needs and tastes, you’ll be less likely to receive negative reviews that can damage your online credibility.

Even though content and social media marketing are a top priority, becoming a thought leader and building a stellar digital reputation does not happen overnight. Consistency, diversity, and a strategic approach are essential elements of an online strategy that can boost and maintain your digital credibility.


This should be all the information you need to make your online reputation soar. If you require additional assistance, do not hesitate to give me a call. I will be more than happy to assist you in all your ORM and SEO needs.